4 Reasons to Restore Your Deck This Summer

If you are like most people, your deck is the center of attention in the summertime. Family and friends hanging out on the deck while meat smokes on the barbecue on the patio below, and children play in the yard beyond. It is the definition of the American summer. When you know you will be using your deck frequently, it is important to keep it in good repair. Here are four excellent reasons to restore your deck this summer.


Especially if you have durable siding or a new exterior paint job, your deck can look very out of place if it is in disrepair. Having a deck that needs repair or even just a fresh coat of stain can make your entire home look less appealing. In addition, some locales have regulations about the state of your deck, and the appearance of your deck could invite inspectors to visit your home.


Especially if you have children or children visit your home, you want to make sure that your deck is completely safe. Ensuring that your deck doesn’t invite splinter injuries, puncture injuries from loose nails, or loose boards, it is vitally important that you make repairs quickly. Most deck repairs are fairly simple and inexpensive.

Home Value

If you are looking to sell or refinance your home, or you are considering a home equity loan, you want to make sure that you can get every dollar available. Refinishing and restoring your deck before an appraisal can increase your home value and the equity in your home by thousands of dollars. You can save a lot of money if you simply make these inexpensive repairs.


Most decks need to be refinished at least once every three to five years. Clear transparent coatings for decks that allow you to appreciate the natural grain of the wood only last about one year with exposure to the elements. Even if you choose a pigment stain, it will need to be renewed about once every five years. If you want your deck to avoid needing actual repairs, it is important you protect the wood by renewing the coating frequently.

Let Us Help!

Canaj Painting is experienced in both deck repair and deck staining. We can visit your home and inspect your deck to discover the problem areas, make any necessary repairs, and restore your deck within a very short deadline. If you want to be able to enjoy your deck this summer without worry, contact us today to get started with an inspection and estimate.

Even if you think your deck looks good, it never hurts to get your deck inspected each year. Depending on your type of stain it may need to be renewed annually. If you aren’t sure, contact us to come take a look and give our recommendation. We will never charge you for more work than is absolutely necessary for the appearance and safety of your home. Contact us today for more information.