4 Reasons to Restore Your Deck This Summer

If you are like most people, your deck is the center of attention in the summertime. Family and friends hanging out on the deck while meat smokes on the barbecue on the patio below, and children play in the yard beyond. It is the definition of the American summer. When you know you will be using your deck frequently, it is important to keep it in good repair. Here are four excellent reasons to restore your deck this summer.


Especially if you have durable siding or a new exterior paint job, your deck can look very out of place if it is in disrepair. Having a deck that needs repair or even just a fresh coat of stain can make your entire home look less appealing. In addition, some locales have regulations about the state of your deck, and the appearance of your deck could invite inspectors to visit your home.


Especially if you have children or children visit your home, you want to make sure that your deck is completely safe. Ensuring that your deck doesn’t invite splinter injuries, puncture injuries from loose nails, or loose boards, it is vitally important that you make repairs quickly. Most deck repairs are fairly simple and inexpensive.

Home Value

If you are looking to sell or refinance your home, or you are considering a home equity loan, you want to make sure that you can get every dollar available. Refinishing and restoring your deck before an appraisal can increase your home value and the equity in your home by thousands of dollars. You can save a lot of money if you simply make these inexpensive repairs.


Most decks need to be refinished at least once every three to five years. Clear transparent coatings for decks that allow you to appreciate the natural grain of the wood only last about one year with exposure to the elements. Even if you choose a pigment stain, it will need to be renewed about once every five years. If you want your deck to avoid needing actual repairs, it is important you protect the wood by renewing the coating frequently.

Let Us Help!

Canaj Painting is experienced in both deck repair and deck staining. We can visit your home and inspect your deck to discover the problem areas, make any necessary repairs, and restore your deck within a very short deadline. If you want to be able to enjoy your deck this summer without worry, contact us today to get started with an inspection and estimate.

Even if you think your deck looks good, it never hurts to get your deck inspected each year. Depending on your type of stain it may need to be renewed annually. If you aren’t sure, contact us to come take a look and give our recommendation. We will never charge you for more work than is absolutely necessary for the appearance and safety of your home. Contact us today for more information.

4 Excellent Reasons to Refinish Your Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are no longer popular as they once were. But if you have an older home, you may be dealing with this type of finish on your ceiling. It can seem to be quite the nuisance, as flakes come down anytime something brushes the ceiling. However, this mild annoyance is just one of many more serious reasons to refinish your popcorn ceilings.


If your home was built before 1978, chances are high that your popcorn ceilings contain asbestos. Asbestos is a very harmful chemical that has been proven to cause illness and even death. Symptoms of inhaling asbestos include feelings of congestion, chest pain, or trouble breathing. It can also worsen symptoms of allergies or asthma. For your family’s safety, it is important that you have these popcorn ceiling safely removed and refinished.


Popcorn ceilings are extremely hard to clean. Allergens can get into the air and become trapped on the ceiling. This can cause those with seasonal or pet allergies to suffer unbearably as it builds up over time. If you notice your allergy symptoms worsening when you are at home, your ceilings could be the culprit. Removing the stipple and refinishing with a smooth coat of paint will help reduce allergy symptoms and make cleaning much easier.

Hard to Paint Over

If you are interested in a new color for your ceiling, or the paint is starting to dull, you might want to repaint your ceiling. This is very difficult to do with stipple. Popcorn ceilings have so many tiny crevices that it can be difficult if not impossible to catch them all with painting, even if you are using a sprayer. If you are wanting to change your color scheme, you should definitely have the popcorn ceiling refinished first or as part of the overall job.

Old Fashioned

Popcorn ceilings haven’t been used since the early 80s, and for good reason. If your home has popcorn ceilings, it doesn’t matter how modern your furniture or décor is. Everyone will know right away how old your home is. If you want a more modern and sleeker look, it is a good idea to have these ceilings refinished to a smooth, flat color. With some simple modifications such as these and modern color schemes, you can make your home appear just as modern as one built today.

A Note About Stipple Removal

It is a good idea to replace your popcorn ceilings, but you shouldn’t attempt to remove the stipple yourself. If your home was built before 1978, professionals need to follow specific protocol for removal and disposal. There are local, state, and federal regulations for the removal and safe disposal of material that could contain asbestos.

In addition, stipple removal can be tricky. While it is true that anyone can scrape the stipple off the ceiling, doing so improperly and without the necessary protection could be dangerous and very messy. You could damage your furniture, breathe in harmful dust, get dust in your eyes, or get the stipples everywhere so that it seems impossible to clean them all up. It is much better to let a professional take care of this task. Contact us today for an estimate.

Reasons You Should Hire Out for Exterior Painting

If you need to repaint the exterior of your home or business, you may be considering doing it yourself to save money. While laymen certainly can handle exterior painting jobs, if you want it done right there is a lot of preparation and work that goes into the process. Knowing everything you need to do ahead of time will prepare you for the task. And, once you know everything that is needed, you might change your mind and decide to hire a painting contractor.


The hardest part of any exterior painting job is preparation. This stage of the project is often more time consuming than the actual painting itself. But if you do not follow all of the guidelines for preparation, you will not have a long-lasting exterior paint job on your home or business.

Removing Old Paint

The first thing that has to be done is to remove the old paint. Scrape all of the flaking paint from the exterior of your home. Some areas will still have paint that is stuck on. Sand down these pieces so that you have a completely smooth surface to work with. This will eliminate problems with the paint adhering to the wood and being smooth. You’ll also need to caulk trim and other grooves in the wood and sand these down as well.

Cleaning the Surface

The best way to clean the surface of the exterior of your home is to use a power washer. You want to be sure that all debris, dirt, and grime is completely off of the building. Once this is done, wait at least two days before you start painting. If you paint on wet wood the paint will not be able to adhere properly and it will not hold up to the elements. Most people do not have access to a power washer, which is another reason to hire a contractor.


Many people who paint their own homes do not realize that a primer is necessary. Priming the wood is important. If you do not use a primer before painting, the paint will soak into the wood. It will not look very good, and it will require more coats of paint. It may seem as though you are painting your home twice since you have to prime first, but it is necessary.

Lead Paint Warning

If your home was built before 1975, you could be dealing with lead paint. You can get a testing kit at your local hardware store to find out if the paint on the exterior of your home is lead based. If it is, there are federal guidelines for how it must be handled. If you have lead-based paint, you really should hire a professional painting contractor to handle your paint job. Canaj Painting is quite capable of handling lead-based paint removal according to all guidelines.

Safety First

Whenever you work on a ladder you should not be working alone. Someone should be available to hold the ladder or be nearby in case you fall. You should also make sure you wear safety goggles, especially while scraping, sanding and cleaning the surface in preparation for the paint.

Canaj Painting is Here to Help

If all of this seems like more than you bargained for, consider hiring professional painting contractors to handle the job for you. We at Canaj Painting are very capable of handling your project so that you can be stress-free. Contact us today.

How to Protect Yourself with a Painting Contractor

It is unfortunate, but there are a lot of scammers out there taking advantage of homeowners who just want a simple paint job. Before you spend your hard-earned money on painting the interior or exterior of your home, make sure you have protected yourself by asking your contractor some hard questions. Verifying credentials and paying close attention to contracts could save you hundreds of dollars.

Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Ask your painting contractor in Fairfield County for a copy of their proof of liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and business licensing. Any reputable contractor will be able to provide evidence of these documents.

If a painting contractor can’t provide proof of insurance, it is a sure sign that you should look elsewhere for your painting needs. If the contractor doesn’t have insurance coverage and causes damage to your home, you’ll have a hard time getting compensation or repairs. In addition, if someone gets hurt while on the job you could be held liable with your homeowner’s insurance.

You should also ask your painting contractor for a full disclosure of the costs involved with your project. If a contractor gives you a price just on hearing your needs over the phone or email, they are not a reputable company. An in-person consultation should be given so that the full scope of work can be known and understood. This way you won’t run into the problem of hidden fees or additional costs.

Read Every Line

Disreputable companies will try to get you to sign a contract without reading it carefully. Read every line of your contract. There should be no hidden fees or surprise charges. The scope of the work should be clearly outlined. If anything seems amiss, bring it up immediately before signing. The contractor should work to correct it. If they refuse and try again to get you to sign, run for the hills.

Don’t Pay More than Half Upfront

While you may need to pay some contractors a consultation fee or a deposit toward completion of the work up to half of the cost of the project, reputable painting contractors will not ask for a large amount of money upfront. If you are asked for the full price or close to it before the start of your project, you should be wary. You may wind up with a poor job, or no work at all done while the individual takes your money and runs.

No Worries with Canaj Painting

Canaj Painting understands the need for homeowners to be wary in today’s world. We will be happy to answer all of your questions, provide proof of insurance and licensing, and explain all costs. We will  give you a detailed estimate for your project, and provide you with a contract that contains no hidden fees or surprise charges. Everyone on the Canaj team is courteous, professional, and armed with the answers to your questions. Contact us today for an estimate for your painting project.